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Art-Pak - the producer of wrappage made of hard and transparent foil such as BOPS, HIPS, PET, PCV has the pleasure to offer:

1. Single - use wrappage for the confectionery and food industry
  1. - all sorts of trays, moulds, covered boxes, insets for chocolates and cookies.
  2. - wrappage for food products that is: salats, vegetables, fish etc.
2. Technical wrappage: Blister, Blister folded from three sides, which are used in electro-mechanical industry, and free formation of boards from ABS and PS up to the thickness of 6mm.

Our plant has suitable machinery in order to produce technical wrappage(dimensions of the table: 655 mmx 955mm) and high-grade thermo-mouldeng machine GN-22220-C from the Canadian Company GNPLASTICS Co Ltd.
This way we can offer a word standard production.

The CN-2220-C machine enables the production of wrappage with the expression up to 125 mm, and ensures 100% repeatability of the produced wrappage.

We realize individual orders such as disigning, production of moulds and production of the final wrappage.
We quarantee quick realization of new patterns, continuos deliveries and competitive prices.

We welcome to co - operation !!!